Over the course of the year, RCLI purchases a wide variety of items for the purpose of Class sessions, events, and meetings. If you would like to support RCLI in a specific and tangible way, we encourage you to review the IMPORTANT notes below and then visit our Wishlist at Amazon.

  • Ship items directly to RCLI’s office at: RCLI; 2101 Maywill Street, Ste. 239; Richmond, VA 23230
  • **Be aware that unless you notify RCLI directly, RCLI will have NO way of identifying you purchased a particular item (we’ve tested the gift/note option and found it’s not always reliable!).  So, to receive a statement for tax purposes, please email RCLI@RCLIweb.org to identify yourself when making a Wishlist purchase.
  • As you scroll through the items, be sure to review the quantity needed or already purchased (if there’s no quantity listed, that means we only need one).


If you visit the Wishlist and there’s nothing there, be sure to check back soon!  We’ll update the list as we run out of items or as new needs arise.

Questions?  Please contact us at RCLI@RCLIweb.org.
Thank you for your support of RCLI!

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