RCLI has been honored to welcome Dr. Sarah Scarbrough (Internal Program Director, Richmond City’s Sheriff Office) as a presenter for the past two years.  Sarah has presented at RCLI’s session on “The Role of the Family,” concerning a program she developed alongside Sheriff C.T. Woody.  In fact, the new jail facility (Richmond City Justice Center) was built to accommodate their program, which started in 2014. 

“The Recovering from Everyday Addictive Lifestyles [REAL] program treats jail life like a full-time job where male and female inmates complete classes ranging from remedial math and creative writing to anger management, parenting and drug abuse treatment throughout a 40-hour week.” (Richmond.com)

A professor at the University of Richmond recently conducted a study around the program, which is the first time the program has been evaluated.  The results of the study show that the success of the program is related to how much time inmates are able to commit.  In general, the recovery program does reduce recidivism.  Dr. Scarbrough hopes to increase the hours of the program to better accommodate those success rates within the short-term facility.

One of the classes offered within the REAL program is Jobs for Life (JfL), which “prepares men and women for meaningful work through honest relationships, mentoring, Biblically-based training, and an ongoing community of support” (jobsforlife.org). To date, nearly 70 people have graduated from JfL. 30% of those people are out and working and engaged in ‘doing the next right thing.’

Louis Williams, previous RCLI Journeyman, currently serves as Chief of Chaplains at the RCJC.  Previous RCLI Board members Don Coleman, and Darryl and Sherrine Husband have all spoken at different JfL graduations. Frank Battle (RCLI ’17 Journeyman, RCLI ’16) and Sheila Battle (RCLI, ’12) have also spoken at different graduations. Current RCLI Alumni Volunteers include: Marti Williams (’09), Cherie Miller (’1 2), Amanda Winger (’16), Takeshia Brown (’12), and Kelly Evans (’13).

The next JfL Class will start in September; they are looking for volunteers to start as early as August. They are always looking for more volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Marti Williams at m3w@me.com.

For more information about the Jobs for Life program at the Richmond Justice Center, click here.

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