The RCLI ’18 December session was hosted at Huguenot Road Baptist Church and focused on Neighboring 101: how to be a neighbor to people across our communities, including those across the street, across town, across the river, across cultures, across faiths, and across demographic or socio-economic characteristics.
Friday evening, Rev. Bob Lee echoed Mordecai’s challenge to Esther to the Class: to consider whether they were being called “for such a time as this.”  Later, David Bailey, ’08, of Arrabon provided a Biblical context for the topic, identifying Adam as called by God to create culture, and revealing humanity’s broken attempts to cultivate goodness.
On Saturday, the Class experienced a series of exercises and challenging discussions that provoked them in their understanding of difference and privilege.  Weeks later, Class members continue to wrestle with the insights, discomfort, and growth generated by these activities and presenters.
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