[This event was unfortunately postponed, as the facility was without heat.  It has been re-scheduled for Tuesday, February 20.]

In early 2018, under the direction of its Community Team, RCLI will present #LeadersWhoFollow (#LWF).  #LWF is a forward-thinking and thought-provoking experience that will feature five (5) carefully-prepared, short 8-minute talks (think Tedx) on the exploration and application of Christian leadership practices in our personal, professional, and public lives. The talks will be followed by a networking reception where attendees can continue the conversation, engage with the speakers, and brainstorm how to infuse Christian leadership in RVA.

RCLI’s Community Team, which launched this year, is a part of new RCLI’s Strategic Direction, designed to expand RCLI’s footprint by engaging members of the RVA region who are not alums and either don’t fit the RCLI Class demographic or cannot commit to a 10-month Class experience. The Community Team crafted #LWF as an innovative and exciting way to introduce RCLI’s Christian leadership characteristics to the community while building off the success of last year’s ‘Intersection of Faith and Public Office” forum.

For more information on the Community Team, please contact Anthony Crenshaw at anthony.crenshaw@gmail.com.  For more information on this event, visit the event website.


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