RCLI has been blessed and honored to have Tim Holtz serving as Executive Director since he finished his own RCLI Class in 2009.  Tim has steered the organization to where it is today, exemplifying what it means to be a true servant leader.
Starting in August, Tim will be transitioning to the role of Administrator at Richmond Hill, where he’s enjoyed a long connection (volunteering as a college student, attending dozens of retreats, and serving on Richmond Hill’s Council/Board since 2012 and as Treasurer since 2015.)
RCLI’s Board is in the process of charting the path forward and devising the timeline by which a full transition will occur.  Details on this plan will be communicated as they’re available.
We wish Tim all the best in his new role, and eagerly look towards God’s plans both for Tim and for RCLI.
As his final day approaches, the RCLI family is invited to an open house to thank Tim for his service!  Buy your own dinner/drinks, and share your well wishes for Tim. CLICK HERE for details and to RSVP! 
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