The RCLI Board of Directors continues to advance the organization in line with its strategic direction: strengthening its annual CLASS program; championing Christian leadership practices more broadly across the COMMUNITY; enhancing the support of ALUMNI engagement with the region; and all the while ensuring effective OPERATIONS are in place to sustain it all. Each of these four elements is guided by volunteer teams, consisting of Board members, Alumni, and general community volunteers.

The Alumni Team is officially taking the place of what has previously been the Alumni Council.  In celebration of the Alumni Council and its history, RCLI hosted a gathering of Alumni on Tuesday, May 16.

Initial Interest Meeting

The evening began by enjoying some pizza and making connections.  Tim shared a presentation, recounting a bit of the history of the Council since the initial interest meeting held in 2013.  That first meeting was made possible by the leadership of Elisa Bennett, ’10, who went on to chair the Council for the first two years.  The current Chair, Caitlin Figura, ’12, was part of that Founding Council Membership, serving the whole existence of the Council.

The evolution of the Council’s work has resulted in its recent absorption into the Board–forming the Alumni Team–and bringing its current officers with it (Caitlin Figura, ’12 and Tarvaris McCoy, ’14).  Going forward, this Team will be led by RCLI Board members with its membership continuing to consist of Alumni and also community volunteers.

When the Council was first formed, there was not a specific organizational or Board focus on Alumni.  In the last four years or so, the activity of the Council has helped elevate that component of RCLI’s work, while also demonstrating the difficulty of having it be separate from the Board (from coordination and strategy perspectives) and of sustaining the volunteers and organization required for a separate “body.”

We look forward to seeing this Alumni Team continue to grow and develop.  Part of this final Alumni Council meeting included a period of brainstorming and planning for the upcoming, “RCLI Family Reunion,” happening September 23.  This event will be open to Alumni and Board members.  More details, coming soon!

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