“RCLI really was birthed out of a series of friendships in Richmond.  A number of folks were called together to really think about what the city would look like if it reflected God’s heart.  What evolved out of that was a group of people who felt called by the Lord to develop a leadership training institute, to create opportunities for the next generation.” –J.G. Carter

Over ten years ago, a small group gathered on a regular basis to share a meal, to pray, and to consider ‘what Richmond would look like if it reflected God’s heart.’  One of those small group members was J.G. Carter.  Involved from the very beginning, J.G. has served on RCLI’s Board of Directors since 2007, and has served as Board chair since July 1, 2015.   Blessed with high energy and an engaging spirit, J.G. regularly serves as an MC for RCLI sessions, Richmond’s Next Course, and other RCLI events.  J.G. and his wife, Jill, have also continued a treasured RCLI tradition of hosting small groups of Class members in their home for “RCLI Family Dinners.”  Post-session and event surveys have highlighted J.G.’s quick wit and engaging manner, allowing participants to feel more comfortable and and involved.

J.G. serves as the President of Union Mortgage Group, continuing his 30+ years in the mortgage business. He and his wife Jill, have been members and active leaders of HOPE Church since its founding.  They have four adult children (including a member of the RCLI ’14 Class).

At the end of this calendar year, J.G. will be stepping down from Board Chair, to serve as past Chair.  However, J.G’s involvement with RCLI, its Alumni, and the current Class will by no means diminish!  Thank you, J.G., for your service as Board Chair.  We look forward to your continuing involvement with RCLI.

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