This summer, RCLI has been excited to host a series of interviews with Alumni, focused on their redemption stories and how those experiences have influenced their Christian Leadership practices.   During the month of July, RCLI interviewed Andreas Addison, ’13, Erik DeVriendt, ’08, JG Gordon, ’17, Nicole Mason, ’15, and Christy Shingleton, ’11 .

Obviously, each person’s redemption story was deeply personal and individualistic, but there were also over-arching themes and similarities.  These Alumni serve in government, business, nonprofits, and the school system, and yet their leadership practices are based on the same thing: not just being willing to do God’s Will, but understanding that God’s Will is revealed one step at a time.  Despite their different backgrounds—growing up in the church, growing up in broken homes, growing up in the midst of struggle—these leaders have come to understand the humility and grace that is necessary for their daily work.

Each story-teller talked about the importance of learning the character of God—that He is not like an earthly, imperfect Father; that His love is unconditional; that He is consistent; that He uses people to bring His plans to fruition; and that we find affirmation in who we are in Him.

We are so grateful for these wonderful Alumni who are all serving to help Richmond reflect God’s heart!  [Stayed tuned for a later update on this summer series.]

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