RCLI Prayer with Don Coleman

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The Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI) is a thriving community of leaders,
dedicated to serving Richmond in Christ’s name.
You probably know some of these people already.

Through challenging content, deep relationships, and immersive learning experiences, RCLI prepares an annual Class of emerging Christian leaders to join in God’s redemptive work across Richmond.
You could be one of them.

  • About RCLI

    God yearns for Richmond to reflect his Heart.  This belief drives the work of RCLI—its distinctive Christian leadership program, ongoing alumni efforts, and related community activities.  Ultimately the challenge is for everybody to apply Christian leadership practices in their personal, professional, and community roles.
  • Apply

    Annually—from September thru June—RCLI challenges, connects, and commissions a Class of 30 emerging Christian leaders, drawn from a broad set of RVA professions and churches.  Class members explore our region’s issues through provocative experiences and talented faculty who bring the issues to life and illustrate what it is to act upon the values of Jesus.  Participation begins with a competitive application process.  Take the first step.
  • Support

    Passionate about Richmond’s future and its next generation of Christian leaders? Then this is the place for you! RCLI’s success hinges on the active engagement of its many partners—individuals, businesses, and churches—who invest their prayer, time, and finances.
  • Alumni

    They are everywhere – over 200 RCLI alumni. They hail from some 70 different churches; work in the public, private and non-profit sectors; and influence education, the arts, healthcare, and city government. These are the Christian leaders to watch, as they help shape Richmond’s future.
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